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3 Nov

Music Tree is well-received in Guizhou

This September, the teaching assistant graduates of Hebei University of Technology officially began their teaching concerning Music Tree program on students in Jiaoma county, Guizhou Province, a remote mountain area in southwest China.

Before teaching, MGEF team conducted the online training for teaching assistant graduates and they showed great enthusiasm for Music Tree program as it is a comprehensive project attaching importance to quality education such as arts appreciation and moral conducts.

There is no doubt that the students felt happy to hear the beautiful music and amazed to see the App game. Unlike the traditional learning which teachers use blackboard to share the story and turn on the radio to play music, Music Tree program takes advantage of diversified forms to let students immerse in the life-scenario study. Students think they are the characters of the story so it is more likely for them to behavior well like the roles Joe and Mary.

It is worth noting that students and even some teachers have no chance of seeing paired teaching aids and some instruments. The time they saw how the instruments of different shapes could produce the sounds like the frogs, rains and ring bells, they could not help smiling and control their excitements. They followed the beat and sang the songs happily.

Malena, the team leader of teaching assistant graduates said, “It was the first time that I had seen such fun teaching ways. The learning materials provided by MGEF team opened a new door not only to children, but also to our young teachers.” Malena hoped that they could draw inferences about cases from MGEF curriculum and bring about more interesting teaching contents and ways for students.

Here are some pictures of class using curriculum by MGEF.

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Shirley says:

It is so lovely to see the children’s smiles when they use your curriculum. I think this innovative way of study should be popularized in more schools.

lucy says:

Your picture book seems to be very nice. Can I buy it on Amazon?

Nancy says:

Your picture book seems to be very nice. Can I buy it on Amazon?

Zoe says:

What is the teacher wearing? Is that apron? I see Japan teacher use aprons to conduct classes as well. It is very fun and interactive.

Ben says:


阿杰 says:


FREEE says:

没有恶意,但看着还是挺触目惊心的,When comparing..


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