Who We Are

About MGEF

MAKINO Global Education Foundation (MGEF) is an international non-governmental organization set up by MAKINO Education & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd focusing on volunteer program featured by “Music Tree”, a program caring for pre-primary children growth. Bearing the belief that children should be endowed with the right of receiving education, MGEF has worked with international volunteers to conduct public welfare projects in China, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand and etc., in the hopes of enabling children to receive quality general education.

MGEF is formally established on 2nd February, 2020 after the preparation and trial operation of the projects lasting from March to December 2019.

Slogan: Grow together to live love out

Objective: Make education available to all pre-primary children

Vision: Go through the early stages of life with children together


MAKINO Education & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in China National Music Industry Park (Shanghai) in 2013. It is developed and expanded from MAKINO music school founded in 2001. There are 5 subsidiary agencies and nonprofit organizations affiliated to the company. MAKINO’s business covers several fields, including: music activity services for kindergartens, music education services for 3-12 aged children, development of music educational applications for smartphone and tablet PC, research and publication of music text books, consultant services for international study, etc. With the mission of “Brighten the future with heart and love,” MAKINO defines its purpose as providing the most joyful, suitable and effective way for 3-12 aged children of different nationalities to study music.


Music Tree is a curriculum developed into three levels: Level One “Sowing Music Seeds”, Level Two “Watering Music Roots”, and Level Three “Harvesting Music Fruits”. From seeding to fruiting, the growth of the “music tree” is also the process of allowing children to discover and explore music in harmony with their natural growth and development.

Music Tree utilizes music as a medium, through which the contents of art, health, community, science, and language are delivered to children in the form of picture books, songs, storytelling, and games. Children will learn to be positive individuals, acquire useful knowledge, learn proper social behavior, and get along well with others, which represents our philosophy that music education does not aim to shape children into musicians, but rather pass down the values of humanity.

MGEF aims at bringing abundant teaching resource for children in need, which can help them enhance the formation of character and get ready for next step of study. The framework of MGEF curriculum encompasses following key areas of children development:
• Emotional, intelligence, social, and personal development
• Music listening, singing, and appreciating development 
• Language, communication, and literacy development
• Mathematics development
• Creative development through various forms
• Motor Skills and physical development