Tommy Tian, founder of MAKINO Education & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, founder of Music Tree Early Childhood Methodology. After graduating from Music Education major in Nanjing Normal University, Tommy has been engaged in music education research and practice, and the main research direction is how music influences children’s health, arts, social intercourse, language and other aspects in growth. The picture book he compiled named Music Tree has been translated in English, Russian, as well as Malaysian and the copyright has been imported in many countries.


Samantha Cai, superior minister of Music Tree Department affiliated to MAKINO Education & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Touched by a little boy who was doing the deal rather than begging for money, Samantha decided to help more children in unprivileged countries and areas in the hopes that they were able to enjoy quality education to fight for a bright future. 

Global Trainer

Glynnis Hendra, a professional teacher from UK. She has devoted to children’s education career for decades and she spends half of a year in India, Nepal and other undeveloped countries and areas to provide teachers’ training and other service. Being responsible for MGEF program in Nepal, Glynnis spoke highly of the vision that MGEF has so she joined the team and expected to help more children in need.