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7 Apr

MGEF Will Launch The Program in Cambodia

It happened for MGEF to see the website of a NGO in Cambodia, which let MGEF make a decision to work with a NGO in Siem Reap. Although it is a small organization, it sponsors 34 students in daily caring and educating.

After sharing the introduction and proposal from MGEF, the NGO in Cambodia was greatly thankful for MGEF’s kindness to help and welcome MGEF to visit at anytime. The curriculum will be used in the new semester this November. Let’s expect how it will benefit children in Cambodia!

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Peng says:

I love the yellow color for it is bright and represents hope. Thanks for what you have done for the children. How can I help?

Bill says:

I will visit Cambodia next year. Is that possible for me to teach some class together with these children?

小龙 says:


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