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25 Nov

Sharings of Santisuk Foundation in Thailand

Recently, MGEF got positive feedback from collaborated NGO, Santisuk Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand. Children began to have classes in this November. As there is capacity limitation of English language, teachers in Santisuk also help translate English contents to Thai language, which will assist children in learning English and Thai at the same time.

From the sent videos, photos and words feedback, MGEF is relieved to see bright smiles on children’s faces and appreciate teachers’ commitment in conducting Music Tree class. MGEF believes that children will be enhanced the ability not only in language and music, but also in health, science, community and other areas.

In order to extend special thanks for MGEF generous donation and teachers’ training support, Santisuk Foundation has put MGEF logo with a link to on their website page as follow: You can refer to know more about Santisuk Foundation as well.

MGEF holds the firm conviction that we will work closely with more passionate and prestigious NGOs like Santisuk to help children to receive quality education.

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LEE says:

Do they wear your volunteer clothes? It seems to be nice. I am located in the other country and can I volunteer some time in Thailand for I am planning the visit to Thailand soon.

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Luke says:

It sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more news.

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