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29 Oct

Feedback from MGEF program in Guizhou, China

MGEF has worked with Hebei University of Technology to conduct Music Tree program in a primary school in Jiaoma, Changshun County, Guizhou Province since this March. It is good to know that the students start the program in the new semester of this year, which opens a new door for them to know about the world.

The volunteers and local teachers in the school often communicate with MGEF concerning how to make class more interesting and effective. In addition to sharing the normal teaching methods, MGEF team replies to the problems they’ve encountered in practical teaching from time to time. Consequently, you can see how these young and creative teachers make Music Tree class so wonderful and attractive for students in Guizhou.

Ms. Zuo said, “Music Tree provided by MGEF is quite suitable for children because children are curious about the around environment. Through the combination of music and stories, children have fostered the interests and cultivated music appreciation ability. The transport safety, food safety and other tips are beneficial for children’s learning.” Additionally, Ms. Sun also spoke highly of Music Tree paired learning materials for children are more likely to focus on class through instruments playing and collaborating.

Due to the sincere thanks for MGEF, Hebei University of Technology wrote an article and published it on their official online account. Please refer to to check. MGEF will make an earnest endeavor with Hebei University of Technology to improve education quality of students in Jiaoma school.

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Emily says:

The picture on the TV looks very nice. Is that the character you design or somebody designed it? You can make it as cartoon for children.

Roy says:

The desks and chairs seem to be very old in the classroom, but the smiles on their faces are bright and touching.

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王小姐 says:


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