Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

1. What the requirements to volunteer?

Volunteer requirements vary from project to project, however for the majority of projects, the requirements are older than the age of 18, fluency in English, a clean criminal background, being responsible.

2. What is the process of becoming a volunteer?

Once you have decided where you would like to volunteer and which project you would like to join, you can complete an application form and provide the materials that MGEF requires. Once your application and materials are checked, you will receive an email for interview. After you are qualified, you will be invited to pay your program fee to confirm your place on the program. MGEF team is also available to answer any questions you may have and to collect all the required information from you before you depart.

3. How much will it cost to work as a volunteer?

The costs vary from project to project, and all the projects are affordable by the volunteers including the arrangement for basic accommodation. Please contact MGEF team for cost details of the specific project. 

4. What is the preparation before starting the program?

Visa: Every situation is different and visa requirements are dependent on the country you are traveling to and your nationality. Please contact embassy for the country you are traveling to make sure.

Insurance: Travel insurance is mandatory in order to volunteer on MGEF volunteer program, which will be covered by volunteers themselves. While MGEF does everything it can to ensure your trip abroad goes smoothly, it is imperative to ensure you have adequate travel insurance should you fall sick, your bags go missing, or something is stolen and etc. The insurance covering medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, personal belongings and personal liability is highly recommended. 

Vaccination: The vaccinations you require will depend on which vaccinations you have had previously, and the country that you are traveling to. Please refer to the regulations and requirements of the volunteer country. 

Criminal background check: To participate on MGEF volunteer program, all volunteers are required to provide a criminal background check determined by each individual’s country of residence. Please check online or contact your local police station to enquire what the process is in your country.

Ticket: The return tickets will be booked and covered by volunteers. MGEF team will provide the consultancy on your flight details when you book the return tickets to make your travel trip is easy, convenient and budget-friendly.   

Luggage: Volunteers are suggested to bring the comfortable clothes, daily necessities, local phone card, some changes in local currency and the things they think they need to bring. 

Language: Language requirements vary from country to country and can depend on the type of project you are participating on. However, for the most part, volunteers are generally only required to speak English to participate on a MEGF program.

5. Do the meals and accommodation fees are included in the program fee? And what are the meals and accommodation like?

The basic meals and accommodation fees are included. The type of accommodation and meals provided on MGEF programs vary from country to country. For more information on this, please contact MGEF team to check the details.

6. What is work time and content for a volunteer?

As a MGEF volunteer, after you discuss with the MGEF team on your teaching timetable and contents (mostly is Music Tree program). You will have your free time and weekends available to explore more of your host country and our team will be happy to provide recommendations for tours or trips that you can take.

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